Lotus Cake

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Lotus cake is a delightful dessert featuring the rich flavor of Lotus Biscoff cookies or spread. With moist layers of vanilla or spiced cake, and a frosting infused with the unique caramelized sweetness and cinnamon notes of Lotus Biscoff, it offers a deliciously indulgent experience. Decorated with additional cookie crumbs or spread, Lotus cake is a treat for those who savor the distinctive taste of Lotus Biscoff.

Serve 8 – 10 people

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Lotus cake is a delectable dessert that features the distinctive and rich flavor of Lotus Biscoff cookies or Lotus Biscoff spread. This indulgent cake typically incorporates layers of moist cake, often vanilla or spiced, paired with Lotus Biscoff-flavored frosting or filling. The Lotus Biscoff flavor profile is characterized by a unique combination of caramelized sweetness and cinnamon, creating a deliciously spiced and comforting taste.

The cake is often adorned with additional Lotus Biscoff cookie crumbs, spread, or decorative elements, adding both visual appeal and an extra layer of flavor. Whether in the form of a layer cake, cupcakes, or other creative presentations, Lotus cake is a delightful treat for those who appreciate the distinct and irresistible taste of Lotus Biscoff.

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